Man holding glasses

You log in to your internet banking and see that you're deep in your overdraft. Again. It's only the middle of the month. How does this keep happening? You do your best to control your spending, but the money never seems to stretch. On top of being exhausted, now you're worrying about money too.

Now imagine if there was a way you could really get to grips with your monthly spending. A free service that allows you to see your spending broken down like never before. Fully categorised and compared with your public sector colleagues at a similar pay level. With suggestions about where you can cut back so you can clear your overdraft in a matter of months.

Would you be interested in a service like that?

What if this free service also gave you an opportunity to be part of something bigger? A movement designed to help your colleagues across the public sector who, until now, have been suffering in silence. A movement that grows in strength just by you using the service.

Well, the service exists and it’s called MoneyMind.