Open Banking is a relatively new service but it’s completely in your control. It’s your choice if you decide to share your data with MoneyMind. If you do, it means we can analyse your spending without editing your bank details or transactions. It doesn’t affect your credit score in any way.

Whenever you decide to share your data using Open Banking, it will only ever be the data you agree to share. You can cancel at any time.

Protecting your data

Protecting your data and your money

We take the security of your information extremely seriously. If you agree to share your Open Banking data, it’s our responsibility to protect it.

There are three things you should be aware of:

Only you can choose to share your data

You can stop sharing your data with us at any time

We behave responsibly and we invite scrutiny

While using Open Banking, your banking data is protected in exactly the same way it is when you use your internet banking service.

Why am I being sent to my internet banking

Why am I sent to my internet banking service during the application process?

Whenever we ask for your internet banking login details, you will be transferred to your bank’s Open Banking login page. This is so your bank can make sure it’s really you logging in. This is the point at which you allow MoneyMind access to your protected Open Banking data, once your bank has confirmed it’s you.

All of the major banks offer Open Banking services. If you’re still unsure about the service, you can find more information on the banks’ websites via the links below: